Rosh Hashanah II 5783: We Can Be Angels

In March of 2020, I boarded a plane to join 20,000 fellow Zionists at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual policy conference. I had come to appreciate this annual gathering for giving me opportunities to learn, to reconnect with colleagues and friends, and to reenergize me. At that time, we began to hear the…Read more »

Rosh Hashanah I 5783: Sweet as Honey

I was a sophomore in college when I had the most frustrating Jewish experience of my life. I finally worked up the courage to attend Shabbat services and dinner at Rutgers Hillel. Having grown up in the Reform movement, I attended Kabbalat Shabbat services with the Rutgers Reform community. When it came time for the…Read more »

Rosh Hashanah II 5782: The Wellerman

Those of you who tuned in yesterday will recall that I gave the first of a two part sermon. Yesterday, I spoke about transforming our doubt into possibility. The sermon was presented in honor of Connie Waxman, of blessed memory, and all of our members who passed just before and during these pandemic months. I…Read more »

Yom Kippur 5780: What binds us together

My friend and teacher, Rabbi Shmuel Green, a student of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, once likened Yom Kippur to a piece of rope fastened at each end to two opposing points. Sometimes these connections become severed. However, when we tie the severed pieces together, we find that the two ends end up bound closer together than…Read more »